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Distinctive Custom Homes Crafted with Excellence

Bespoke Custom Home Building Services in Toronto

Establishing a new standard in luxury living, Ziggurat Homes takes custom home building in Toronto and the GTA to unprecedented heights. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, our mastery lies in crafting spaces that go beyond mere structures to become true reflections of your lifestyle and personal aesthetics. By harmonizing your unique vision with our design ingenuity, we create homes that are as distinctive as they are functional. Our team of seasoned architects, innovative designers, and skilled craftsmen works hand in hand, ensuring every detail of your dream home materializes with precision and finesse.

As we navigate the path from the initial blueprints to the final finishes, our unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and your satisfaction remains our guiding principle. Trust Ziggurat Homes to translate your aspirations into tangible realities, giving you not just a house, but a home that personifies luxury, elegance, and a bespoke sense of style.

Ziggurat Homes
Ziggurat Homes

Unparalleled Custom Home Expertise

At Ziggurat Homes, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive custom home, Home Additions, Major Renovation and Interior design services. Our seasoned team combines architectural acumen, design finesse, and superior craftsmanship to deliver homes that surpass client expectations. We manage every aspect of your custom home build, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. From securing permits to hand-selecting materials, we facilitate an efficient process while maintaining our commitment to quality and luxury. Discover the delight of a truly personalized home with Ziggurat Homes.

Bridging Visions with Reality

Building a custom home involves a delicate balance of creative vision and practical execution. At Ziggurat Homes, we excel at this interplay, translating your unique ideas into tangible designs. Our collaborative approach allows us to interpret your vision accurately, creating homes that reflect your personal style and meet your functional needs. Experience the thrill of seeing your dream home materialize with Ziggurat Homes.

A Commitment to Quality and Luxury

Quality is more than a catchphrase at Ziggurat Homes – it’s the bedrock of our operations. Our team meticulously selects top-notch materials, employing cutting-edge construction methodologies to ensure every corner of your custom home exudes luxury. With a scrupulous eye for detail, we assure every element of your home reflects our commitment to excellence and superior craftsmanship. Trust Ziggurat Homes to create a living space that truly stands apart.

Building for the Future

We build more than homes – we create future-ready spaces that can adapt to your evolving needs. Our homes are designed with sustainability and functionality in mind, ensuring they stand the test of time. We incorporate the latest design trends and innovative technologies to create a home that not only meets your current needs but also anticipates your future requirements. Let Ziggurat Homes shape your future living space.

Custom Home Feature Projects

Step into our projects of meticulously crafted custom homes – each a testament to our commitment to quality and design innovation. Each project encapsulates our dedication to client satisfaction, superior craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Delve into our past work and envision what Ziggurat Homes could create for your dream home in Toronto and the GTA.

LOCATION :1460 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
SIZE :4500
LOCATION :34 Lunau Ln, Markham
SIZE :3400
LOCATION :11 Sherin Ct
LOCATION :1426 Goldthorpe Rd
LOCATION :254 Johnstone Ave, North york
COMPLETION :2014, 2015
SIZE :4500 sqft
LOCATION :206, 208 Finch Ave West, North York
COMPLETION :2015, 2018
SIZE :18000 sqft

Why Choose
Ziggurat Homes?

Choosing Ziggurat Homes means embracing excellence, personalization, and unmatched expertise in custom home building. Our client-centric approach ensures your needs are prioritized, your visions realized, and your satisfaction guaranteed.

At Ziggurat Homes, quality forms the bedrock of our operations. Every project we undertake in Toronto & GTA stands testament to our high standards and deep-seated dedication to our clients. Our work consistently features superior materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and adherence to best practices. Our commitment to delivering luxurious custom homes never wavers, reflecting our passion for what we do.

We believe each homeowner in Toronto & GTA should have a residence that is as unique as they are. This belief drives our tailored approach, ensuring every design element reflects your personal style and functional needs. We harmonize aesthetics with functionality to create spaces that celebrate your individuality and respond to your way of life.

Our team is our greatest asset. A seasoned group of professionals, bringing together decades of experience and diverse skills to facilitate a seamless and rewarding custom home construction journey. Serving Toronto & GTA, we infuse every project with industry-leading knowledge, technical proficiency, and a shared passion for delivering exceptional results.

We envision homes for tomorrow. We engineer future-forward homes in Toronto & GTA that are designed to accommodate not just your present lifestyle, but your evolving future needs. Our homes are imbued with flexibility and adaptability, ensuring they provide enduring value and optimum comfort. We integrate sustainable practices and innovative solutions, promising homes that stand the test of time.

Why Choose Ziggurat Homes?


Our Custom Home Building Process


Our team works closely with you to understand your dream home's unique requirements, translating them into a viable concept.


Utilizing your ideas and our expertise, we draft detailed designs that strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.


With a design in hand, we create a comprehensive construction plan that outlines timelines, materials, and all key project aspects.


Once the plan is finalized, our skilled craftsmen bring the blueprints to life, building your home while ensuring quality at each step.

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Your Questions
Answered Clearly

The duration for a custom home construction is subjective, contingent upon factors such as the project’s complexity, property size, permit procurement, etc. Generally, it spans from 12 to 18 months, commencing with the initial design phase up until the move-in day.

The expense of custom home construction is variable and largely depends on the chosen design, materials, and finishes. After the preliminary consultation and design phase, we offer a detailed estimate to ensure transparency regarding the costs.

Indeed, prior to embarking on a custom home project, you should possess a property. Ziggurat Homes extends its guidance to help you locate the ideal piece of land should you require it.

Ziggurat Homes prides itself on its team of seasoned architects and designers. They collaborate with clients to encapsulate their vision, ensuring that the home design mirrors their personal style and requirements.

We recognize that preferences and necessities may evolve during the construction process. As such, Ziggurat Homes maintains open communication channels with clients to accommodate modifications, as long as they don’t drastically impact the timeline or budget.

At Ziggurat Homes, we vouch for our work quality. Our comprehensive warranty covers the structural components, craftsmanship, and materials of our custom homes, aligning with the guidelines of Ontario’s new home warranty program.

Initiating your custom home project with us is as effortless as establishing contact. Get in touch to schedule a primary consultation, during which we’ll explore your vision, address your needs, and respond to any other queries you may have.

Client Experiences: Testimonials of Trust

Mahnaz Salkhordeh
Mahnaz Salkhordeh
Ziggurat Construction is a standout construction company that deserves high praise for their exceptional service. From the moment I contacted them, their responsiveness and commitment to delivering top-quality work at great value were evident. They efficiently completed my project with an impressive speed that didn't compromise on quality, and their attention to detail was impeccable. The transparent pricing and open communication throughout the project further solidified my satisfaction. Ziggurat Construction is a reliable and skilled partner, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a construction company that consistently delivers excellence
Abbey Doust
Abbey Doust
If you're looking for a construction company that delivers exceptional results and value for your money, I highly recommend reaching out to Ziggurat Construction Inc.
Sheida Mousavi
Sheida Mousavi
Shahram Khatibzadeh
Shahram Khatibzadeh

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